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We understand that finding great gin, without paying a huge amount of money is hard & overwhelming. That’s why we created GIN. A delicious and simple gin which is unique, versatile and represents real value.


We’ve tried every gin we can find, to make the most versatile one possible. 

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Like any good Australian story, ours starts at a favourite local haunt, on a sunny afternoon with 3 mates and some drinks. Heath, Tommy and Besty, after shedding the stresses of the day away with banter and drinks, all discovered that they all shared a love for this magical juniper beverage, we all call gin. But not only a love - a passion.


We love what we have created. A simple enough GIN. That answers a complex problem. How do you have a gin that works in any situation? We worked with some of the best in the business to come up with the solution and it ended in 7 botanicals.


Plans were made, gin was bought, and ‘Gin Monday’ was born. Gin Monday became a tradition, with the focus being on the banter filled knockoffs with a different gin each week. Like every good idea, we made it official by making an Instagram account. We were very content, pretending like we knew what we were talking about and trying as many gins as we could - until we were approached by our fairy gin-mother. James wanted to make all our juniper dreams come true, to join forces and create our own gin, rather than just judging others. We jumped at the chance, grabbed a fitness freak (who also loves gin) and a guy who is only in it really for the whisky - and suddenly, ta dah! Gin.


Price was always our starting point. We started with a focus of people over profits and that’s how we run things now. We know that we are the best quality gin for this price and we are bloody proud of that. 


We can’t wait to start and continue to share your GIN. Journey with you.

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At Drops of Juniper, we focus on making delicious simple.



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50 venues and counting

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We’re small,with big intentions.

Why drinking local over the big boys makes a big difference.

We know that it’s often overwhelming choosing a gin to drink or buy. Whether at the bottle shop or on a drinks list, there are just too many complicated gins on the market today. The big boys have even started to look at our end of the market. But, obsessed with bottom lines and providing more return to their executive and shareholders, they don’t care about what you’re drinking.

We care! So much! It’s the reason we started doing this in the first place. We were frustrated with what we could find in the market. The better the gin, the more it cost. Even the local players were pushing over $100 a bottle. 

So why does it pay to drink GIN.? Out of a genuine care for our local community, Drops of Juniper is committed to funding local causes that are important to us and important to you. 50c of each shot of GIN. Poured at DROPS goes to funding a local cause, which changes monthly.